Karina Funk

Fund manager Q&A: A broader view of sustainable investing

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Andrew Foster

Q&A with Andrew Foster of Seafarer Capital Partners

Brett Reiner

Q&A with Neuberger's Brett Reiner on small-cap funds

Of Mutual Interest: Best year-end moves for a bull market

Peter Hayes

Fund manager Q&A: What should muni bond investors do now?

Q&A with Neuberger's Brett Reiner on small-cap funds

Small-company stocks are enjoying a heyday.

Greed is trumping fear: Investors give stocks another chance

NEW YORK (AP) — Investors may finally be giving stocks another chance.

Of Mutual Interest: Best year-end moves for a bull market

NEW YORK (AP) — For most investors, 2016 was a very good year.

Fund manager Q&A: What should muni bond investors do now?

NEW YORK (AP) — The past year has meant a wild ride for investors in municipal bond funds.

The incredible shrinking percentage of female fund managers

NEW YORK (AP) — Few women run mutual funds around the world, but they're even more scarce in the United States than in other countries, and their ranks have been shrinking in recent years.

December's arrival means tax season for many fund investors

NEW YORK (AP) — December's almost here, which means many fund investors are about to get a taxable lump in their accounts.

Investors flee emerging markets after Trump victory

NEW YORK (AP) — Investing in Mexico, China and other emerging markets has never been for the fainthearted. Big swings have been a hallmark, caused by everything from the 1994 "tequila crisis" where Mexico devalued the peso to Russia's default on its debt in 1998.

What money experts are telling clients after the election

No outcome is ever truly assured, as everyone in America now knows. We can't predict what our new president will do, or Congress, or the economy or the markets.

Fund managers: No, the election won't wreck your 401(k)

NEW YORK (AP) — Worried that the election will ruin your 401(k)?

Corporate profits are up, and investors exhale a bit

NEW YORK (AP) — When corporate profits are on the upswing, as they seem to be for the first time in more than a year, investors usually get excited. These are not usual times.

Not boring enough: Investors leave "low-volatility" funds

NEW YORK (AP) — Whoa, give us back our money. We wanted something boring.

Samsung stops making Galaxy Note 7s as more phones ignite

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Samsung Electronics says it is stopping production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, a day after it halted global sales of the star-crossed devices.

State police investigate fatal crash on I-88 near Rotterdam

Longtime Capital Region Community Leader, Patricia Higgins, Dies

Regional Food Bank holds annual Neighborhood Food Drive

Benefit held for Colonie bus driver looking for bone marrow match

Schumer: Airlines shouldn't charge extra for overhead bin

Cuomo seeks $2B to fix some of nation's oldest pipes

American Red Cross assisting 19 after pair of fires

Victory Christian Church service stresses unity

The Latest: San Antonio chief says robbery death 'senseless'
The Latest: Watchdog group says it will sue President Trump