NewsChannel 13 traveled to more than a dozen schools to highlight some of the best educators in the Capital Region.

The teachers for the 2013-2014 Top Teacher series were all chosen in advance following a nomination period in the fall. We hope you’ll submit a nomination when we do the series again next year.


  • WNYT, SEFCU honor Top Teachers
  • What top teachers learned from their students
NewsChannel 13-SEFCU Top Teachers and others involved with the program stand with Education Reporter Elaine Houston, and WNYT Vice President and General Manager Steve Baboulis (far right)
  • Top teachers honored for making a difference

Melanie Anchukaitis: Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons

Melanie Anchukaitis is a foreign language teacher at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons in Schenectady. A teacher for 30 years – she says it’s the students who keep her coming back.

NewsChannel 13 and SEFCU's Top Teachers for 2013-14, joined by SEFCU President and CEO Michael Castellana, NewsChannel 13 education reporter Elaine Houston and NewsChannel 13 Vice President and General Manager Steve Baboulis.

The 2014 top school "bankers" from SEFCU's Smart Sense student saving program.