Local woman devotes life to getting people healthy

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Play examines challenges of Liberian Civil War

Flip-flops make a hopeful impression to inspire others

Woman creates obstacle course to challenge all 'Vikings'

Woman who emerged from homelessness helping others do the same

Former Essence Magazine editor speaks at Glen Sanders Mansion

Before black women were on the cover of Glamour or O Magazine, they graced the cover of Essence. Started in the 1970s, it was the premier magazine for African American women and Susan Taylor was the editor-in-chief.

Woman credits husband for 'jerky' success

The saying is: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” For a Granville woman, her husband loves her homemade jerky. What she didn’t know is how his love for the dried meat would turn her into an entrepreneur.

Women proving they've got the karate chops

Linda Podrazik loved karate. However, 40 years ago, her gender made it hard for her to even participate. Now, she owns her own dojo.

Lake George woman runs own furniture company

“This year it's the bistro sets. Last year were the gliders and the year before that were the big boys. It just depends on the mood for the season.” Kathy Wallace is not talking about food or restaurants. She's talking furniture, specifically chairs that she makes at Adirondack Cedar Chairs, her company.

Woman credits mentors for ‘Key’ to financial leadership

Standing over six-feet, her height commands that people look up to Ruth Mahoney, but people choose to look up to her because she's a risk taker, her fervent pursuit of her career and her respect for others.

Former heroin addict now helping others who struggle

In recovery for 27 years, an Albany woman now helps others in their recovery as the supervisor of a men’s halfway house in Albany.

Woman creates business to help victims of human trafficking

Eighty percent of human trafficking victims are female.  And even if you may not see it, a local woman says it is happening in the Capital Region.

Women transform home cooking with delivery business

Are you an empty nester, a senior citizen, or a person who's always on the go? If so, two area women would love to cook for you.

Woman leaves cushy NYC executive job for true happiness in Albany

Sometimes, to seek fame and fortune we feel we must leave home. However, as one woman discovered, real success means being happy and she found that happiness in the place she grew up.

Woman changes course, finds true passion in restaurant business

Sometimes you have to go in a different direction to get to the thing you are really passionate about. That happened to Amanda Thompson of Schenectady.

Woman touts invaluable experience of mentor, mentee relationships

What do Tilda Swinson, Gabrielle Union, Glenn Close and Jane Krakowski all have in common? They are all actors, but they also all have mentors. A local woman says while mentors can prove invaluable to women, many don’t have one.

Woman's telling memoir discusses faith, love and scandal

For years, Mary Scanlan has helped others promote their businesses and ideas, but she’s never told her truth until now.

Designing clothes takes a 'weight' off woman's shoulders

For a local woman, looking good was a way to hide just how badly she was feeling about her weight. Little did she know in time, it wouldn’t be the weight that had people talking, but the clothes she designed.

Women building a name in the construction field

The next time you’re near a construction area, keep your eye out on the women wearing the hard hats. More women in construction are poised to do some of the jobs that have traditionally gone to men.

Woman bringing beauty to the 'house' of the beholder

Kristin Trance is not delivering flowers, pizza or groceries. She comes to people’s homes to style hair and do makeup. It’s part of her business called “Liv Effortless.”

Community theater gives woman platform to stage compelling stories

Karen grew up surrounded by art, wanting to be on stage under the lights. However, she found she could tell stories better if she just changed positions.

Schenectady yoga studio stretching owner’s dreams

Michelle Pollard was heartbroken when the downtown and surrounding area began to lose its luster. So it would have been a stretch for her to ever believe she would be starting a business nearby on Lafayette Street.

Sisters hope roses literally speak volumes for Valentine's Day

The floral business has changed dramatically. Now you can buy them online or even at the grocery store. Two sisters hope speaking roses.

Woman on a mission to reintroduce serious sewing

Does anyone in your family know how to sew? If your answer is ‘no’, a local woman can change that. She’s on a mission to re-introduce the skill of sewing to those who think of it as a fun pastime.

Local women make sanitary pads their mission for third-world countries

The Moonbees have been making reusable menstrual pad kits for girls in some of the poorest communities since 2010. That's allowed them to change their lives.

New programming and initiatives to be announced at Cohoes Music Hall

More public hearings scheduled for new area code in 518

NY attorney general in settlement with Zipcar

Vermont auditor: State lacks on performance reviews

Wind, nuclear advance as NY moves ahead with energy plan

Emergency preparedness drill to be held in Bennington

Obama passes baton to Clinton, imploring nation to elect her

Tonko, Democrats call Trump's recent email comments a 'national security issue'

Albany Police make arrest in string of taxi cab robberies

Wynantskill Business Brings Water to Tanzania's Villages