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In-Depth: Why are women paying more for many products?

A recent study indicates that women pay more for just about everything. That includes personal care items, clothes, home health products and sports equipment. In fact, even little kids are not exempt. Toys geared towards girls are often costlier.

  • In-Depth: Unique programs aim to put the brakes on bullying

    It's estimated that one in four kids are bullied in school. Around 160,000 children miss school every day out of fear of being bullied. Traditionally grades 6 through 10 were the hotbeds of bullying. However, now it's happening with greater frequency in elementary school, and zero tolerance policies aren't enough to stop it.

  • Make It Monday: Wallpaper goes 'old-school' in the name of history

    Nowadays, wallpaper can be printed and sold for a relatively cheap price. In the 1700s and 1800s, making wallpaper was a skilled and intricate art. Today, there are just a few of these artists left and one of them is in Sharon Springs.

  • Public school administrators question validity of intercept process

    When there's a dispute over how much money is owed -- charter schools can use what is called an “intercept” to get the money from the state. The state Education Department says last school year alone -- intercepts were used to take over $2 million from Capital Region school districts.

  • In-Depth: Keeping your mail out of criminal hands

    How close are you paying attention to what's in your pile of mail? Or, maybe more importantly, what's missing? And how do you keep your mail and personal information out of criminal hands?

  • College of Saint Rose president discusses school's budget troubles

    It's no secret that the College of Saint Rose is struggling to balance its budget. It's already trimmed staff. Now the question is - what about programs and faculty? NewsChannel 13’s Benita Zahn sat down with College of Saint Rose President Dr. Carolyn Stefanco Wednesday afternoon, to dig deeper into the issue.

  • Make It Monday: Beekman 1802- When life gives you goats

    In this week's "Make It Monday" NewsChannel 13 is visiting Beekman 1802 in Sharon Springs. The 'Beekman Boys,' famous for their reality TV show, sell local artisan goods all over the world and its popularity is skyrocketing.

  • In-Depth: Are public schools paying out for charter students out of district?

    It's been an on-going battle between public school districts and the state, and it involves your tax dollars. Public schools have to share their money with charter schools.

  • Make It Monday: Casa Visco grows out of grandma's tomato sauce

    Casa Visco Tomato Sauce has been poured over pasta in the Capital Region for the past 70 years. And over that time, their sauce has flowed to supermarkets in 33 states. 

  • NewsChannel 13 In-Depth: Predator wasps battle borer

    The City of Albany could lose all of its Ash trees if the Emerald Ash Borer isn't stopped; environmentalists hope bio-control is the solution.

  • Make It Monday: Gatherer's Granola grows out of mom's good eats

    A Schenectady company is using a Delmar mom's recipe to make it in the cereal business. Gatherer's Granola on Broadway has pumped out hundreds of thousands of pounds of granola.

  • In Depth: NewsChannel 13 checks-in on construction of new Schenectady casino

    Roughly two years from now, roulette wheels will be spinning, cards will be shuffled, and poker chips will be piling up in Schenectady. However, the only thing piling up beside the Mohawk River are steel pilings and large mountains of dirt. So at this point, where do things stand on the Rivers Casino project?

  • In-Depth: A progress report on Albany's Convention Center

    For anyone who’s been to downtown Albany recently, you've probably noticed a great big hole in the ground behind the Times Union Center. For anyone else who either works or lives near that site, there's a good chance you've enduring a whole lot of banging and clanging and noise. What you have encountered is the brand new Albany Convention Center under construction.

  • In-Depth: Speeding through school zones

    It's safe to say most people have broken the law by speeding a time or two.  Maybe you take it five or 10 over the speed limit all the time. However, do people slow down where it's even more important -- in school zones?

  • In Depth: Inside survival swim lessons

    Drowning is one of the leading, yet most preventable causes of death among children. Most parents think it could never happen to their child. But if your child fell into the water, would they know how to save themselves? Jessica Layton introduces us to a unique swim lesson growing in popularity in the Capital Region.

  • In-Depth Preview: Teaching your child survival in the water

    This is one of the hottest weeks of the summer and children are drawn to water like bears to honey. But would your young child know what to do if he or she fell into the water?

  • In-Depth: Bringing summer camp fun to seriously ill children, year round

    It's tough being a kid -- especially so, when they have a life threatening illness. However, that doesn't mean they can't have fun. It’s all thanks to a special camp that comes to them.

  • In-Depth: The impact of Menkes disease

    When the DeFabio's from Ballston Spa welcomed their first born into the world six years ago, they were filled with joy and started planning for his future. However at four months, their baby, Lucas, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder - Menkes disease. However, despair gave way to a new version of delight through a mission to help others in a unique way.

  • In-Depth: Are we over-scheduling our kids?

    Extracurricular activities for kids are good. Experts say they help children develop skills they can use later in life. However, a different school of thought is emerging -- and it's raising many questions whether parents are overdoing it.

  • In-Depth Preview: Are we over scheduling our kids?

    Are your children too busy? With schoolwork, sports, music lessons and dance -- are we over scheduling our kids? 

  • Ex-inmate at Clinton Correctional paints picture of corruption, forbidden relationships

    The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision confirms Erik Jensen served almost a year with Richard Matt and David Sweat. Jensen isn't proud of his past. But he told NewsChannel 13's Jessica Layton life behind bars gave him insight into how crooked the system can be and how inmates could manipulate the workers inside. And wishes people would have started paying attention to this years ago.


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