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In Depth: Inside survival swim lessons

Drowning is one of the leading, yet most preventable causes of death among children. Most parents think it could never happen to their child. But if your child fell into the water, would they know how to save themselves? Jessica Layton introduces us to a unique swim lesson growing in popularity in the Capital Region.

  • In-Depth: The impact of Menkes disease

    When the DeFabio's from Ballston Spa welcomed their first born into the world six years ago, they were filled with joy and started planning for his future. However at four months, their baby, Lucas, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder - Menkes disease. However, despair gave way to a new version of delight through a mission to help others in a unique way.

  • In-Depth: Are we over-scheduling our kids?

    Extracurricular activities for kids are good. Experts say they help children develop skills they can use later in life. However, a different school of thought is emerging -- and it's raising many questions whether parents are overdoing it.

  • In-Depth Preview: Are we over scheduling our kids?

    Are your children too busy? With schoolwork, sports, music lessons and dance -- are we over scheduling our kids? 

  • Ex-inmate at Clinton Correctional paints picture of corruption, forbidden relationships

    The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision confirms Erik Jensen served almost a year with Richard Matt and David Sweat. Jensen isn't proud of his past. But he told NewsChannel 13's Jessica Layton life behind bars gave him insight into how crooked the system can be and how inmates could manipulate the workers inside. And wishes people would have started paying attention to this years ago.

  • In Depth Preview: Matt & Sweat on the inside, a former inmate tells all

    Wednesday was the anniversary of the day in 1929 when over 1,000 prison inmates in Dannemora rushed the prison walls in a mass escape attempt.  Today, state police and the Department of Corrections are still trying to understand how two inmates escaped that same prison in June.  

  • In-Depth: Bishop Scharfenberger, the man behind the pulpit

    For more than a year now, a lower middle- class kid from Brooklyn has been the leader of 330,000 Catholics in the Albany Diocese. Bishop Edward Scharfenberger has spent the last 15 months getting to know the people he serves.

  • In-Depth: Is your security system safe from prying eyes?

    Home camera systems are popular, but security experts warn that you need to take steps to make sure you are the only one watching your house.

  • Female soldier who qualified for former all-male unit returning home

    Captain Mickey Kelly from Chatham is one of only six women nationwide who qualified to get into the formerly all-male elite ranger school at Fort Benning, Ga. She made it longer than some men did but she did not complete the training and is returning to her base at Fort Drum.

  • In-Depth: Crushing student debt threatens students' future, national economy

    This is college graduation season, and while it’s a happy occasion for graduates and their families, many worry about looming student loan payments. That debt for all students totals more than a trillion dollars, and it’s growing at an alarming rate.

  • In-Depth: The key to living to 100

    Would you like to live to 100? Much has been made of all the baby boomers turning 65. However, the fastest growing group over 65 is people turning 100. Improved health care can be credited for some of that. Genetics also plays a role, but there are lifestyles that can help you live well into your golden years.

  • In-Depth: What happened to Judith Geurin?

    COHOES - It all began in a four-bedroom colonial style home in Cohoes, where Amy Kusaywa lived a happy, simple life with her four brothers and loving mother and father.

  • In-Depth: Being a woman in an all-male military unit

    Doing 100 sit-ups, 100 pull ups, and 100 push ups—there’s nothing to it for Capt. Michelle Kelly.  The Chatham NY soldier, who stands 5 ft. 2 in., could do this in her sleep.

  • Cold case: Who killed Violet Filkins?

    The 1994 murder of an 81-year-old woman in East Greenbush is an old case, but not forgotten. Investigators are still actively working to solve the murder of Violet Filkins.

  • Rep. Elise Stefanik on the job in Washington D.C.

    She made history in the November elections, now she says she has hit the ground running during her first 100 days in office. From the Capital Region to Capitol Hill, Jessica Layton spent part of an afternoon with Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. 

  • Cold case: What happened to Suzanne Lyall?

    Despite her parents unending efforts to find her, a college student from Saratoga County remains missing after 17 years. In March 1998 Suzanne Lyall left her job at Crossgates Mall, boarded a CDTA bus, got off at the UAlbany campus and was never seen again.

  • Sprinkler systems could become law in new home construction

    Sprinkler systems could soon be required in all new, one and two family homes in New York.

  • Why an 'investment in education' is in limbo

    New York voters last year approved the Smart Schools Bond Act. The governor called it an investment in improving education. But schools haven't been able to use the money.

  • 31 years later, family continues to search for killer

    A 31-year-old murder mystery started as a missing person's case in Gloversville and led police to the woods in Benson, Hamilton County.

  • 12-year-old UAlbany fan battling long odds to stay in the game

    Among the UAlbany fans in Columbus, Ohio are J.P. Honsinger and his dad, Jay. The 12-year-old has captured the hearts of the Capital Region.

  • Tracing family history provides insights for Elaine Houston

    February is “Black History Month,” but when it comes to discovering their family history, some African Americans run into a roadblock because of slavery in the United States. NewsChannel 13's Elaine Houston has been wondering about her ancestors who were slaves and the impact they made on her family.


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