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31 years later, family continues to search for killer

A 31-year-old murder mystery started as a missing person's case in Gloversville and led police to the woods in Benson, Hamilton County.

  • Exploring the pros and cons of crowdsource fundraising

    Probably all of us have been invited to a fundraiser. However, they can be time consuming to organize and rarely reach beyond a small community. Enter the internet and crowdfunding sources like GoFundMe.

  • Steps in motion to catch drivers failing to stop on 'red'

    Albany is now seven weeks into its fiscal year. Seven weeks during which the city has "not" been collecting any revenue from red light cameras. Many of you might be wondering why not? Why aren't the cameras in the place yet? When will they be in place? Also, what's happening with the project?

  • Malta family catches zzzzzzz's thanks to sleep trainer success

    During the last four weeks, NewsChannel 13 has taken you along on a local family's quest for rest.  Their eight month old refused to sleep at night or nap during the day.  It was so exhausting and stressful that Mom reached out to an infant sleep consultant, or sleep trainer. 

  • FAA proposes new rules for unmanned drones

    NewsChannnel 13 is looking at the contentious relationship between the Federal Aviation Administration and the owners of drones. The fight is over restrictions for the flying machines which some see as dangerous and others see as having recreational and commercial value.

  • Albany County dad crusading for school bus safety

    The school bus was stopped. The red lights were flashing. The car kept going.

  • Quest for Rest Part 3: Checking in with NewsChannel 13's infant sleep trainer

    After eight months of waking up with their baby boy three times a night, a Malta family was so exhausted that they called an infant sleep consultant.  All month, NewsChannel 13 is documenting the process to determine if the saying "sleeps like a baby" is true or if parents just have to live their lives sleep deprived.

  • Remembering Mac: A mother's plea

    A woman who grew up in Niskayuna is at the center of a national fight for safer window blinds after her son got caught in a cord and died. It's a personal tragedy that's become her public mission.

  • Quest for rest follow up: Is infant sleep consultant's advice helping baby sleep?

    Most parents dread the "witching hour."  It's that time, in the early evening, when babies and even kids are at their worst -- typically because they're tired.

  • Supporting health care needs of the transgender community

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently signed a letter reminding health insurers they cannot discriminate against transgender people seeking sex reassignment treatment. But laws are not the only way to insure quality care.

  • Colonie couple accused of smuggling drugs using child's picture

    Albany County investigators say a wife was trying to get her husband the drug by spreading it on paper and sending it to him at the jail.  It's a problem with the drug Suboxone and heroin addiction that is being fought in prisons across the country.

  • Sleep consultant helps get infants to sleep through the night

    Sleep deprived parents all over the Capital Region are wearily seeking help from a woman whose job it is to get your baby, and you, a better night's sleep.

  • Are we hearing the final ring for the payphone?

    When was the last time you used a pay phone? Or better yet, have your children or grandchildren ever used one? Once a staple on almost every street corner, pay phones are rapidly vanishing. However, they're still around -- if you know where to look.

  • Capital Region couple recalls time with Liberian Peace Corps

    Imagine having to flee your country and travel to a foreign land to escape a horrible disease. It sounds like a Hollywood movie, but for about a dozen families who have come to the Capital Region from West Africa, it’s no movie. It’s their reality.

  • Desperate search for answers

    A local woman is on a journey to find out who she really is by finding her birth mother. But her closed adoption and the laws in New York State that go with it are preventing her from finding answers.

  • Elderly drivers: Forced off the road?

    Some elderly drivers feel as if they are being forced off the road because of their age. When it does come time to limit or stop driving, there are ways for families to have that difficult conversation.

  • Red light cameras: safer streets or money grab?

    Some people say red light cameras will enhance public safety. Others insist it's nothing more than a money grab by greedy companies and needy politicians. Whether you like it or not, those cameras are coming to Albany.

  • Genetic testing raises questions, concerns

    Currently more than 1,000 genetic conditions can be screened for. However, not all genetic variations mean you will develop disease, and of those variations only 57 of them trigger diseases that, currently, can be acted on.

  • Training teachers to help identify dyslexia

    Should teachers in New York State be trained to recognize students with dyslexia? Many parents say “yes.” In fact, parents attending a NewsChannel 13 education forum this past September urged us to research the issue and we did.

  • Key-copying website could make things easy for crooks

    You leave them on the counter at the coffee shop, hanging in plain sight at home, and out on your desk at work all day. However, just because they're not on the forefront of your mind doesn't mean somebody else isn't eyeing them.

  • Prison horse program changes lives

    Prison officials marked a major anniversary at Wallkill Correctional Facility on Thursday. For 30 years they've been rescuing thoroughbred horses and helping inmates develop better attitudes with a unique horse therapy program. NewsChannel 13 went back to Wallkill to check on an inmate we've been following through the program.


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