Mother's Day Garden Cupcakes from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Posted at: 05/03/2012 6:09 PM | Updated at: 05/06/2012 9:18 AM

Mother's Day Garden Cupcakes - A Lovely Edible Cupcake Floral Arrangement

from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Cupcake Tip Set
Ready-to-use icing tubes
Ready-to-use decorator icing (1 lb should frost 24 cupcakes)
Cupcake Nail Set
Cupcake Wraps.
24 cupcakes in desired flavor.
Butter knife or spatula.

1) Frost cooled cupcakes, using either your favorite buttercream
recipe or Wilton's Ready-Made Buttercream frosting, sold in small and
large containers for easy decorating.

2) Once all of the cupcakes are frosted, It's time to start making
drop flowers.  You may use a four-pack of tips perfect for
ready cupcake decorating, either with a bag or attached onto
ready-to-use tubes of colored frosting.

3) To make the flowers,  start by pointing the tube of frosting in
your desired color at a 90-degree angle from the table at the center
of the cupcake.  Squeeze evenly and slowly, keeping the opening of the
tube touching the icing that is coming out, and lift slowly.  You will
know you are done when the mound of icing is roughly the size of a
quarter at the base.

4) Screw on the petal tip onto your tube of icing.  The petal tip is
the tip in the pack that is shaped like a teardrop.  Once it is
screwed on, pick up the cupcake and place it on the cupcake nail,
holding it with your off-hand.

5) picking up the tube in your dominant hand, position the tube at a
45-degree angle from the table over the mound of icing you created in
step 3, towards the top.  For right-handed people, this is the 2 o'
clock position, and for left-handed people, 10 o' clock.  You should
be holding your tube with the large, round part of the petal tip
pointing downwards, with the thin part pointing up.  With even
pressure, squeeze the tube while turning the cupcake nail with your
other hand.  When you come around completely, start another row
underneath the first one, adjusting the angle of you hand slightly so
that the petals fan out slightly.  Continue to pipe in a downward
spiral until you reach the bottom.  Before lifting the tube away, stop
squeezing.  This prevents the icing from spreading away from your rose
and onto your cupcake.

6) Once all of the roses are complete, it is time to add leaves.  The
leaf tip is the tip in the set that looks like a cross, with one line
longer than the other.  Once the tip is on the green tube, place at
the base of the rose.  Since leaves are wider than they are thick, the
wider end of the tip should be parallel to the floor.  To make the
leaf, squeeze hard to develop a base for the leaf to sit on, and
slowly pull towards yourself, decreasing pressure.  As you decrease
pressure, your leaf will form.  The longer you squeeze, the longer
your leaf will be.  For best results, add two leaves to each cupcake.

7)  Once all of your leaves are complete, add the letter-writing tip
to a tube of frosting of your choice.  Holding the tube at a 90-degree
angle to the floor, squeeze with light pressure to create polka-dots
as desired.

8) To make the cupcakes have an extra decorative flair, place them in
cupcake wraps prior to serving.  These wraps, that come
in a variety of colors, add a festive touch to cupcakes with a minimum
of effort and fuss.  Adding them on over traditional baking cups also
minimizes the discoloration caused by grease and dye.

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