Father’s Day Toast and Screwdriver by Katrin Kern & Chris Korbel

Posted at: 06/07/2012 7:37 PM | Updated at: 06/09/2012 9:36 AM

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Your Perfect Father’s Day Screw Driver and Toast by Katrin Kern & Chris Korbel

The recipe for The Perfect Father’s Day Screw Driver- the cocktail that is- is exactly the same as the recipe for the Perfect Father’s Day Toast.
The first ingredient in the cocktail is 2 ounces of 21 Smirnoff Red Label Vodka.
Now for the first ingredient of your toast: Express one reason why you’re grateful for your Dad.  Just like the Vodka, your feelings should be strong and clear. Follow this by mentioning a way in which he is an original.
Next we add our 4 ounces of orange juice, fresh squeezed only, please.
Which brings us to the next ingredient in your toast: Touch upon one way Dad impacted your life in past when you were a kid, and one fresh way he impacts your life in the present.
Now for our special, surprise twist- the third ingredient of our Screw Driver is one pinch of sea salt, to bring out the other flavors.
Add your own special twist to your toast by making a wish for your Dad that compliments your sentiments and stories.
We stir it with a screw driver because the story goes that’s how the American petroleum engineers in Saudi Arabia back in 1949 stirred the original Screw Driver
Finally, we garnish our Screw Driver with a slice of orange; Dad has done such a good job taking care of us that we want to give something back, in this case by making sure he gets a few extra vitamins and fiber to go with his cocktail.
Chris picks up a pre-made drink and offers it to the host, then tastes one of his own.  Katrin picks up the third and raises her glass saying:
KK: Happy Father’s Day! Cheers!
Your Perfect Father’s Day Screw Driver
Combine in a highball glass, with ice:
2 oz. 21 Smirnoff Red Label, it’s the original Vodka for Screw Drivers
4 oz. Orange juice, fresh squeezed only
Add a special twist- one pinch of sea salt to bring out the other flavors
Your Perfect Father’s Day Toast
Combine in one personal tribute:
Just like the Vodka, your expressions of gratitude for your Dad should be strong and clear. Don’t forget to acknowledge how he’s an original.
Orange juice represents the traditions you were raised with as well as freshness. Your toast should touch upon how Dad has impacted your life in the past and fresh ways in the present.
Add your special twist- make a wish for your Dad that heightens the impact your sentiments and stories.
Happy Father’s Day!

Stir the Screw Driver with a screw driver
Garnish with an orange slice, so Dad gets a few more vitamins and fiber to go with his cocktail

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