Time Warner Channel Changes

Time Warner Cable is making changes to channel lineup in October.  If you tune us in at 1813 to see WNYT in HD, you soon won’t find us there anymore.

But it’s actually easier to find us. Just simply go to 13.  If you’re an HD viewer, your cable box will automatically give you our channel in HD.

Likewise, if you’re looking for WNYA in HD, it won’t be at 1804 anymore.  Just tune in 4 on your cable box and you’ll be all set.

MeTV is being moved to a whole new channel. You will soon find that on channel 1245.

Time Warner is planning to begin making these changes on Oct. 8.  It will continue through October 10, depending on where you live.

WNYT 13.1 - NewsChannel 13

13 and 1203

WNYT 13.2 - MeTV


WNYA 51.1 - My4

4 and 1215