Manoush with Julie Taboulie

Created: 06/07/2014 9:36 AM WNYT.com
By: Jaired Crofut


Theme:  When you think of Lebanese and Middle Eastern foods you might not think of breakfast!  But breakfast is just the beginning.  The Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisines boast a bounty of brilliant breakfast dishes and ideas to inspire any one’s taste buds at the top of the morning.  Including one of the most famous breakfast items of all-time called “Manoush Bi Za’atar.”   This Lebanese personalized pita bread dough pies are topped with an earthy and zesty Thyme herb blend internationally known as “Za’atar.”  Believed to be good for the memory, my Manoush is mighty memorable!

Showcasing:  The making of “Manoush Bi Za’atar,” Lebanon’s most brilliant breakfast food.  These Lebanese breakfast dough pies are topped with the Lebanese signature spice called “Za’atar” an earthy and zesty Thyme herb blend of wild Za’atar or Greek Oregano, Thyme, Sumac Spice, Sesame seeds that are lightly toasted and sea salt.  This alluring, appealing, and aromatic signature spice of Lebanon is zingy at times, slightly sour yet sharp, tart, tangy and above all addictively and appetizingly tasty.

Spotlighting:  Manoush bi Za’atar, a Lebanese breakfast dough pie topped with an earthy and zesty Thyme herb blend and is seen amongst breakfast time tables as well as a signature street food throughout Lebanon, the Middle East and now in major metropolitan cities across America. A step-by-step tasty tutorial on how to make this famous and flavorful favorite breakfast food, including all of Julie’s traditional tips, tricks and techniques to guide your host and audiences along in recreating this recipe right at home.

Manoush bi Za’atar ~ Lebanese breakfast dough pies topped with an earthy and zesty Thyme herb blend.


Believed to be good for the memory these ultimate Lebanese breakfast dough pies were always encouraged upon for children to eat before going to school and especially before exams as it is thought to wake one up!  Becoming more alert, sharper, smarter, and essentially opening up your brain according to my Sitho (grandmother) as said to my mother as a young girl growing up in Lebanon. 

“Manoush bi Za’atar” also referred to as “Zu’baa” in my family, is a Lebanese breakfast dough pie crafted by shaping small to large rounds of authentic Arabic yeast dough called “Ajeen”, thinly rolled and topped with the Lebanese signature spice, Za’atar, an earthy and zesty herb mixture of wild thyme, sumac spice, sesame seeds and sea salt stirred with extra virgin olive oil to create a loose like paste then spread atop the Arabic dough and baked until golden brown, beautiful and bubbly.  Crispy and crunchy along the edges with a soft as can be center makes my “Manoush bi Za’atar” mighty memorable!  


Dish Descriptions:

Main Dish

“Manoush bi Za’atar,” Lebanese breakfast dough pies topped with an earthy and zesty Thyme herb blend .


“Labneh bi Zait,” Homemade Lebanese strained yogurt that is soft and spreadable, topped with sea salt and spices of freshly ground pepper and crushed red pepper flakes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

“Khoudra bi Kabees” An array of fresh and pickled vegetables, onions, herbs and Zaitoun olives, Lebanon’s small and spicy slightly cracked green olives.


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