Fresh Pasta Made Simple from The Inn at Erlowest

Posted at: 09/20/2012 5:21 PM | Updated at: 09/22/2012 9:31 AM

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Fresh Pasta Made Simple

from The Inn at Erlowest

The Inn at Erlowest Represents Serenity in the Adirondacks.  A handsome stone castle built in 1898 by Edward Morse Shepard, the inn has been graciously restored to its grandeur of the era. Ten beautiful and welcoming guest rooms invite our guests to relax and forget about the rest of the world during their stay.  With Exceptional service and attention to detail, the facilities are available year round – boasting unparalleled views of Lake George during the beautiful seasonal changes.  Reserve a room for one night or an extended stay to find a sense of relaxation and harmony in a restored Queen Anne inspired Castle.

Mike Burdick is the Chef De Cuisine of the Inn at Erlowest and will be highlighting his Seasonal Eclectic Menus in different manners throughout the fall and winter seasons.  Ranging from Cooking and Dining Room Packages to the popular Wine Dinners, the excitement of Contemporary Cuisine is a few miles away.  Contact the Inn for more Information and pamper yourself or your loved ones in a little Local Luxury.

The Inn at Erlowest
3178 Lake Shore Drive, Lake George, NY 12845
T#- 518-668-5928

Early Autumn Ravioli

Pasta Dough
    3 Whole Eggs, 5 Egg Yolks, ½ Cup Water, 3 C plus 2 Tablespoons All Purpose Flour
    *Adjust Flour and Water to achieve optimum texture at final stages of preparation

    -Whip Eggs with Water in a small bowl just until incorporated
    -Add all Flour to Large Mixing bowl and form small well in center
    -Pour Egg Mixture into Center of Flour and Slowly start to knead together
    *if Using a stand mixer, Pulse to incorporate as flour may want to jump out of bowl
    -Knead until fully mixed, adjust if needed w/ Flour+H2O
    -Wrap in Plastic and Let Rest on Counter for about 30 minutes

    2 Cups Cream Cheese (let soften) or equal amount Mascarpone (sweet Italian Cheese), 1 Cup Pureed Squash or pumpkin, 1 Tablespoon Finely Ground Bread Crumbs, Salt and Pepper to Taste, 3 Tablespoons Freshly Chopped Herbs (assorted, hearty, thyme, rosemary, sage)

    -Whip Cheeses and Pumpkin Puree, till smooth, then add herbs and breadcrumbs and repeat
    -Adjust Salt and Pepper to your Liking
    -Refrigerate for a few minutes just to make sure it is relatively firm and workable
    -Spoon Mix into Piping Bag, smack it around to make sure Air is Removed and Seal the End

    *Recipe Can be adjusted or changed to your liking, Add some shredded Meat, Crumbled Seafood (cooked) or a few other types of cheeses to change the taste Profile
    *breadcrumbs are optional in filling, but provide absorption for the filling (squash puree, or Fresh Ricotta)  if you find it to be a little moist and difficult to form

    2 Cracked Eggs in small bowl, pastry brush, additional flour for dusting table and working with Dough, Pasta Roller or Rolling Pin, Ring Molds, Pasta Cutter

Optional Accessories
    Round Object to Form and Seal Filling, Shaped Cutter, Pastry Bag and Round Tip for Piping Filling

Household Items that Can be Substituted
    Rocks Glass or Coffee Mug to form filling, Fork to Crimp Dough closed, Ziploc Bag or small scooper/spoon to dispense filling onto pasta

    -Roll out Pasta until nearly transparent and uniform in shape
    -keep table or cutting board dusted with flour for ease of movement
    -Cut Pasta in half Vertically to make 2 equal pieces
    -brush bottom layer with cracked Eggs
    -Dispense filling about 3 inches apart, in the amount of about 1 Tablespoon, or roughly the size of a Quarter, keeping it centered and together
    -Starting at one End, Lay 2nd Sheet of pasta gently over Top and lightly let it fall slowly over the filling, keeping in mind that you want no air inside ravioli for an Ideal Cook
    -Starting at End you Began on, Gently form shape with Hand and Tugging of Dough to get to ideal form, then use the chosen ring shaped object to circle the filling in an effort to compact it somewhat, but also the uniformly “Glue” the 2 sheets of Pasta together
    -Once completed, return to Original End and start sealing the dough with your Ring cutter again, and also by cutting with the chosen cutter form.
    *if using a fork, Cut rough shapes from dough, seal with fork tines in circular pattern, then cut desired shape with knife or glass or whatever you choose

To Cook
    -Have Pot of Salted Water Boiling on Stove Top
    -Carefully Place raviolis in water and lower heat by ¼
    *Rolling Boil may damage or misshape the fresh pasta
    -allow to cook for around 2 minutes depending on other factors
    -Remove one ravioli and carefully check the dough to feel soft, yet not doughy, cut a piece off of the corner and taste for Al Dente texture
    -Carefully Remove Raviolis with Slotted Spoon and Take Next steps based on your chosen Dish

Use Raviolis Alone or as a Side Dish for a number of different things
Pair with Local Fall Ingredients and use their inspiration to design your dish

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