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DTV Transition


WNYT stopped broadcasting its analog signal on June 12, 2009. Problems? Then call 1-800-765-0013 ext. 4388 or



To Our Valued Viewers and Web Visitors:

June 12, 2009 is a very important date in the history of television.  On that day, by law, full-power television stations nationwide, including WNYT NewsChannel 13, will be required to make a very important change.  We must switch off our old method of transmitting our TV signal, known as analog, and send our signal to you only by digital transmission, or DTV. 

DTV is an innovative, advanced broadcasting technology that delivers movie-quality pictures and sound, interactivity, more channels, and high-definition (HD) television to consumers with HD-ready sets.  WNYT currently transmits both an analog and a digital signal, but on June 12, 2009, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SAYS THAT WE MUST TURN OFF OUR ANALOG SIGNAL! 

To continue to receive our programming, as well as your favorite shows airing on other Capital Region broadcast stations, you must take a few easy steps.  We at WNYT NewsChannel 13 are here to assist you through the entire transition process.  We have set up an e-mail address to answer your questions about how our television station is handling the transition to digital, and what you must do in the coming months.  Please feel free to write us at, and an expert will provide you with the information you need.

The benefits of DTV are remarkable, but to take advantage of these benefits, you must be a proactive consumer.  Contact us today, to make certain your television sets won’t go dark on June 12, 2009!

Happy Viewing!

Stephen P. Baboulis
Vice President & General Manager

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