Police: Murder suspects had a score to settle

March 10, 2017 07:05 PM

AMSTERDAM - Amsterdam Police Chief Gregory Culick says three teenagers went to a Glen Avenue home Thursday morning "looking for retribution, and looking for a pound of flesh."

It was unimaginable evil that showed up on the doorstep at 56 Glen Avenue in Amsterdam early Thursday morning. Three city teenagers, armed with a loaded shotgun came calling overnight intending "to settle a score" according to Police Chief Gregory Culick.

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"Where do you lose, where do you unplug from society that this is the right way to handle things," Culick asked rhetorically.

After a single gunshot blast wasf ired through the front door, 23-year old Alex Martuscello lay dead on the floor.

And after quick police work, 18-year old Raymond Matros, the suspected triggerman, along with his 16-year old brother Raymond Matros, and their friend 19-year old Christopher Malave Jr were all facing murder charges.

"I don't know what the motive was when they initially went over to the house," said Montgomery County District Attorney Kelli McCoski. "Why they would take a gun with them over to that residence."

NewsChannel 13 was the only news organization present Thursday afternoon when a state police canine sniffed out the murder weapon, a pistol gripped shotgun, leaning against a house across the street from the murder scene..

"After this happened, they wanted to get out of town quickly so they didn't want to be seen running through the streets with a shotgun," the chief said.

At his arraignment on Thursday night, Christopher Malave Jr lost control of his emotions, struggling with officers as they lead him through a door out of the courtroom. His father too had to be escorted from the courtroom after screaming words to his son, wanting a chance to speak with him.

According to Chief Culick, all three suspects seem to grasp the seriousness of what had happened.

"When they got back, during the course of their statements, they all go together and started crying and said, "We f**cked up," the chief recalled.

All three teens are being held in the Montgomery County Jail without bail. Grand Jury action is expected to follow.

Three teens were arrested Thursday night in connection with an Amsterdam homicide. They are accused of gunning down a man inside his home.

Even though no official motive was given in this horrible murder, it appears as if 23-year-old Alexander Martuscello was killed to settle a score.

According to Amsterdam Police Chief Gregory Culick, the three defendants had a beef to settle with someone in that house.

The chief says the three teens were coming there for retribution and a pound of flesh.

The evil that arrived at the doorstep of 56 Glen Avenue in the middle of the night Thursday morning came armed with a loaded shotgun. Police say one shot was fired through the clear, glass front door and that one shot struck and killed Martuscello instantly.

Charged in the crime are 18-year-old Raymond Matros, his younger brother, 16-year-old Anthony Matros and 19-year-old Christopher Malave. All three are charged with second-degree murder.

"Absolute, sickening tragedy for all of us," noted Culick. "Again, kids killing kids, teenagers killing somebody that just came out of their teens. It’s an absolute, senseless homicide. Obviously, there’s a beef, they did have interaction with each other – the victim and suspect. We’re not even sure about the victim, but there was interaction with this group in this house and these kids and there’s an ongoing beef."

All three of the teens are now at the Montgomery County Jail without bail. The Montgomery County district attorney says the 16-year-old will be charged as an adult.


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