Faso: the civilized world must respond

April 07, 2017 07:15 PM

ALBANY - There were 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles that landed on a Syrian airfield. It didn't take long for morning newspaper headlines to reach American homes. It also didn't take long for Congressman John Faso (R - Kinderhook) to praise the president's decision.

"I think it was a proportional response to this outrageous gas attack," Faso told News Channel 13 Friday in a Skype interview, "It's vitally important that we as a civilized society stand up united against the use of chemical weapons in warfare."

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Faso calls it ironic that the U.S. response came 100 years to the day after the U.S. entered World War I, in which millions were killed by poisonous gas.

In downtown Albany Friday morning, Capital Region residents were quick to weigh in on the incident.

"While I'm not a Trump supporter, I think that he made the right decision," said Bill Trigg, of Stillwater, "I think we did what needed to be done to let the world know that this (chemical attacks) can not be tolerated."

"I do wonder if it was a sign also to North Korea," said Renee Malo, of Albany, "The stakes are high with nuclear weapons."

When asked he was concerned the U.S. response could lead to World War III, Michael Broom, of Pittstown answered, "Yes, absolutely, it's always a possibility."

Regarding any future American response to hypothetical Syrian triggered chemical attacks, Faso said, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there."

He also said he has no problem with the president bypassing congress, however if there were to be a prolonged military engagement, Faso would like to see the president come to congress first.

"In this instance, it was vitally important that we show a quick and decisive response."

Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand released the following statement:

"The chemical attacks by the Assad regime in Syria are unconscionable atrocities and a direct violation of international law; these attacks demand a firm response from the U.S. and the world community.

"However, unilateral military action by the U.S. in a Middle East conflict causes grave concern, given the lack of any Authorization for Use of Military Force from Congress and the absence of any long-term plan or strategy to address any consequences from such unilateral action.

"Furthermore, there is no ‘military only’ solution to the suffering in Syria. The American people need answers from the Administration about their plan here and how they will bring coalition partners to the table for a long-term diplomatic solution."

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer released the following statement:

"Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do.‎

"It is incumbent on the Trump administration to come up with a strategy and consult with Congress before implementing it. I salute the professionalism and skill of our Armed Forces who took action today."


Dan Levy

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