Livingston Avenue residents in Schenectady seek help

March 15, 2017 11:46 PM

SCHENECTADY - "I kept waiting throughout the night to hear the plow go by our street and it didn't," Hannah Naples said. 

It took Hannah's mom three hours to dig their car out so Hannah could make her doctors appointment in the morning.

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"It's just really annoying especially when you have to be at work at a certain time and then you're an hour late," Carly Naples added.

The sisters say this treatment in the winter isn't unusual, Livingston Avenue does get plowed sometimes but it largely goes ignored for far too long. 

"It happens every winter," Brandon Swartz said, adding, "They don't plow this road. It's last on their list, it seems like." 

It is a sentiment that appeared to be shared by many of the neighbors we spoke to.

"This is usually the last street to be plowed but this is like the worst it's been," Sue Mullen explained.

Mullen had to stay home from work because her car kept getting stuck and Swartz attempted to dig his out but ultimately gave up after half an hour.

"Even if I get it loose it's like driving into another snow bank," Swartz said.

"Have you tried calling the city?" Karen Tararache asked.

"Yeah, a bunch of times like my mom called multiple, multiple, multiple times," Naples said.

Mullen added, "I called the city twice my neighbor called once and, 'Oh we'll talk to our supervisor.'" 

We called mayor Gary McCarthy.

He said it was an "embarressment" that Livingston Avenue had not been plowed and assured a crew was on the way but couldn't tell me exactly when they'd arrive. 

Twenty minutes after our conversation, a plow finally showed up, even getting stuck because of the large amount of snow.

"I wish they would just come down here a little bit faster because we need to get our cars out," Swartz said.

According to the Mayor, the reason it took so long to clean Livingston Avenue was because there were cars parked on the street and the plows couldn't safely get by.

He added crews are working staggered 16-hour shifts and doing the best they can as fast as they can.


Karen Tararache

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