Ballston Lake organization helps kids in Haiti

October 05, 2016 09:30 AM

BALLSTON LAKE -- Growing up an only child, all Cindy Schmehl ever wanted was a big family -- and boy, did she get it.

Heidi Brewer is one of four kids.

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"Jackson was reading a story in the second grade last year and he was able to bring pictures from my trip to Haiti," Brewer said.

Cindy has six grandchildren, three dogs, one that she brought over from Haiti.

"We just basically saw this puppy in need," Schmehl said.

And there's still plenty of room left in her heart to care for more. 

"All the puzzle pieces are coming together for 2016-2017," Schmehl added.

So it should come as no surprise that the six women stuffing envelopes in this room, their work full of hope, will help people in country that has been stripped of it more than 1,500 miles away. 

"It was really cool to see how they're picking up on all the good that we're doing," Michelle Brobston said.

"This is what I do, this is what I do, full-time," Schmehl explained.

Cindy and Tim started "To Love a Child" in 2009. 

"We turn on a light switch here and take it for granted. There, there are areas where there is no power grid," Tim said.

Providing things like solar power, salaries for teachers and other basic necessities. 

"About 20,000 meals are provided to children, mostly orphans to Haiti and Zimbabwe," Cindy added.

But now as Hurricane Matthew tears through a place that has already endured so much, flooding threatens to bring more devastation. 

"We can go to the kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet and we can brush our teeth without fear of getting water born disease, they don't have that luxury in Haiti," Cindy said.

The organization is planning another trip on Nov. 11 to an orphanage to begin construction that will keep water out for good. 

Tim explained, "We're planning to put a kind of diversion wall to help channel water away so it doesn't flood their home and the actual school buildings that they use there."

Why do Tim, Cndy and all of the volunteers do it? It's simple. They've got so much more love to give.

"Helping other people makes you feel good," Karen Bishop said.

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