Cyber expert: 100 percent susceptible to cyber crime

November 28, 2016 06:36 PM

TROY - Now that has replaced Walmart as the nation's largest retailer, it is a reminder of the new world in which we live where holiday shopping can be done from home, and where cyber criminals can attack knowing full well they're protected by the anonymity of the world wide web.

"On Cyber Monday the attacks are no more sophisticated," says Reg Harnish, CEO of GreyCastle Security in Troy, "They're generally no different then what we see in the weeks leading up to the holiday season, but we're less likely to catch them."

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Harnish says along with increased on-line traffic and transactions that cyber holiday shopping brings, comes danger.

"100 percent of us are susceptible to these types of attacks," he asserts, "Me, you, our parents, our family, our friends, everyone who works here."

That's why Harnish suggests people need to be vigilant; in other words they need to be more aware that cyber predators are lurking. You also need to recognize what he calls obvious red flags, and you need to eliminate the distractions that cause too many people to drop their defenses.

Harnish says when a sender's email address looks illegitimate, it probably is, and when logos don't match, or if there's a sense of urgency from the sender, don't click on it.

So why, you might ask, do people become cyber criminals?

"There are people in third world countries who have two options," he says, "they can either go and live in poverty, bag groceries at the local general store, or they can work in cyber crime and buy BMWs for every person in the family. The choice is easy."

Harnish says the worst mistake you could make is to use your debit card instead of your credit card. Once the cash is removed from your account, he says, you have little or no recourse, but credit card companies typically provide fraud protection.

the National Retail Federation estimates nearly half of all holiday shoppers, 121 million Americans, are logging into their computers for Cyber Monday.


Dan Levy

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