Some Schenectady residents complain of snow-covered streets days after winter storm

March 16, 2017 11:47 PM

SCHENECTADY - “Well I was in here today but they look the same to me as they did when I left for work this morning,” said Patti Rosetti who lives on Duane Ave. in Schenectady.

Rosetti said crews have plowed Duane Ave. a couple of times since Tuesday's storm but it is not enough.

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She said the snow-covered streets are dangerous.

“The main streets are OK but the side streets are horrible,” Rosetti said. “You're bobbing and weaving in and out and I just got my car so I don't want to wind up in a snowbank or a wrecked the car,” she said.

“There are cars all over the place,” said Rosetti’s neighbor, Terri Shannon. “We try to clean it up. I just got somebody to clean a lot,” she said.

Rossetti and Shannon do not blame the city entirely.

They said other neighbors did not move their cars when they were supposed to so snow plows could do a good job.

“The plows go around the cars and then you have to zigzag around the parked cars and the snow banks,” Rosetti said.

WNYT NewsChannel 13 spoke with Mayor Gary McCarthy and he confirmed that some residents are not observing parking rules, which is part of the problem.

He also said crews are continually working to get to effected areas and asks residents obey no-parking signs so crews can plow the streets properly.

He also asks residents to be patient.

Esai Sylvain, who has lived nearby on Lincoln Ave. for three years said crews fail to properly plow his street every year.

“Every year, they just come once and then that's it,” Sylvain said. “They don't check it again. Or maybe when I saw him pass by I have to wave my hand for them to come through so it's not supposed to be like that,” he said.

Sylvain said the streets are so bad that he and his wife have had to shovel parts of the street outside of their house.

“If they pass once, they don't pass again,” Sylvain said. “Let's say there's two days of snowfall: they've passed three times. That was not clean enough. So we have to make sure to clean the street,” he said.

Mayor McCarthy insisted that crews are working hard to clear the streets but some residents questioned whether the problem was a matter of manpower.

“More resources,” Shannon said. “More money. Get more people out there,” she said.

“Get them to come through and do what they're supposed to do,” Rosetti said.

Some residents also said the city is not properly enforcing no-parking rules that make it easier for plows to pass through.

Mayor McCarthy says the city will start cracking down on violators more who could see their vehicles towed if they do not observe those rules.

However, McCarthy he insists crews are working hard to clear the streets. 


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