Play examines challenges of Liberian Civil War

July 15, 2016 10:54 AM

It's a story of anger, loss of dignity, family, and even your name. This Broadway play is called Eclipsed and the tears are real.

However, this play won't let you go. It sucks you in. The Liberian Civil War was a conflict where women were kidnapped and abused by soldiers. Actress Angeligue Powell was in high school during the war.

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“It was something I had no knowledge about,” Powell said.  “In high school, you're not so young so you can be knowledgeable about things that are going on the world. But that there was no coverage of what was happening to these women was disheartening to me.”

Audiences get to see how she and the other wives handle their nontraditional family. 

“I hope they learn from her it’s okay to be strong but at times you need the support of other women as well,” said actress Danielle Colin. 

Actress Michelle Gordon plays Rita.

“She's deeply impacted by this on a personal level because of something that happened to her,” Gordon said of her character. “Part of her transition is helping the women find their voice and their strength. “

It debuts locally with the Soul Rebel performance troupe. Founder Jean-Remy Monnay, who scours the area for talent, discovered Rita at a Starbucks. He says an all-female cast of African American actresses has been unheard of in the Capital Region for years.

WEB EXTRA: Soul Rebel Performance Troupe

“They weren't doing plays that attracted minorities,” Monnay said.

“Once I found out about Soul Rebel, I was ecstatic I'd have an opportunity to do what I love to do,” said actress Adrian Coleman.

To inform, educate and inspire – that's the hoped for takeaway for the audience. But the actresses will walk away with something too.

“They've all shown me strength, endurance, love and care even in a horrible situation,” said actress Kendra Neal.

The play starts July 15 and runs through July 31.

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