Albany sinkhole repair expected to take 10 days

August 04, 2016 06:46 PM

ALBANY - The immediate area around a massive sinkhole in Albany is still under a boil water advisory.

All city residents, along with everyone in Guilderland, are being asked to conserve water.

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Repair work is well underway.

Crews are now working on cleaning out and fixing up this sewer. NewsChannel 13 wondering about that SUV that fell into the hole on Tuesday. Who's going to pay for that? Is the med student who owns it out of luck?

After Steeve Pierre's SUV was swallowed whole by an Albany street Tuesday, the second year med student thought the city would give him some guidance, but they never even called him.

“You would think the. City would call you to let you know the particulars of what's going on, but it's just kind of been nothing.” noted Pierre. “No talk, no call, no text, no email, nothing.”

Albany crews lifted his 2005 Ford Explorer out of the hole and took it away. Pierre has been in school all his life and he's living off loans, so buying a new car is not really an option.

If I use the loans for other things I can't pay rent I can't do anything. The car was a huge expense. I'm never going to get back the money from insurance that it’s actually worth to me,” Pierre pointed out.

The mayor's office says this is standard procedure, same as a hitting a pothole. File a police report, then file a claim with the city. The city's lawyers will determine if they want to settle out of court.

Hopefully, Pierre's comprehensive insurance will cover it. Allstate agent Ashley Palmer says that sort of plan should cover freak accidents.

However, the city did say it was their failure of their 85-year-old valve that caused the sinkhole. The insurance company could try to go after Albany if they think the city was negligent.

“So if they find that the town, city was negligent in any way, that's something the legal team would decide and they'd move forward that way,” explained Palmer.

It's all a hassle for Pierre, he at least wants an apology from the city.

At the very least, the very, very bare minimum, someone call you, ‘Hey, we heard what happened to your car. Somebody will try to help you.’ That’s it. That’s what I’m looking for," noted Pierre.

After the sewer is fixed, they can start working on the water main. A new pipe should arrive this weekend.  Work won't be done until at least next weekend.  


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