Community reacts to Troy pools not opening this summer

May 20, 2017 04:01 PM

LANSINGBURGH – Kids in Troy will have to find a new way to stay cool this summer. The city has officially announced that two city pools will not open this season. The city is citing the cost to repair the pools as the reason for keeping them closed.

But that doesn’t help a lot of disappointed kids and parents missing out on a summertime favorite.

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The Troy City Pool at Knickerbocker Park, along with the one in South Troy, will both stay empty this summer. The Troy mayor’s office says the city doesn’t have the funds to repair and open the pools this year.

Kids and parents were upset when told about the news. “Maybe, probably heartbroken,” said Peter.

“Sad, because I use it a lot,” said Aiden.

“I’m really sad because I love swimming and me and my friends usually play Marco Polo or dodgeball in the pool,” said Anthony.

The City of Troy says they’re still waiting on an engineering report on the pools, but earlier this week told me it would cost $600,000 to $700,000 just to get the pools repaired enough to open for this six week season. Troy City Council President Carmella Mantello says she is continuing to push for the pools to be open for kids this year, calling it “critical”. Both kids and parents agreed.

“A lot of kids actually do come to South Troy and this pool a lot,” said Dominique McCauley.

“That way kids aren’t doing bad things, and they’re able to go to the pools and stuff instead of doing things they’re not supposed to,” said Christopher.

Some kids said they’ll miss out on great learning experiences. “My mom teaches me how to swim underwater so I can do that when I grow up,” said Anastasia.

Others are sad because they’ll miss out on fun times with their friends. “I don’t know why kids can’t go to the pool because it’s getting hot and they just want to go to the pool so they can be with their friends and they can cool off,” said Roger.

The City of Troy says they’ll release the engineering report on the pools in the next few days and will work toward a long-term plan to repair the pools and keep them open. Mantello says she’s worried kids will turn to other water sources to cool off, like creeks or the Hudson River.

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