Most of upstate New York supported Trump in election

January 20, 2017 07:36 PM

EPHRATAH - Despite national perception of New York as a deep blue state, many areas of the Capital Region were celebrating Donald Trump's inauguration. Some areas voted for Trump in huge numbers. In some counties he got more than 60 percent of the vote.

Ephratah is one of the reddest towns in one of the reddest counties in New York State, Fulton County. About 75 percent of the votes there went to Donald Trump. They have high hopes for the president and what they want to see him accomplish in the next four years.

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"Healthcare, education, taxes," asserted Brittany Edwards of Brittany’s Diner.

"That's just one of my main things is boosting the economy again," explained Brandon Edwards, of Brittany’s Diner.

Those are some of the main issues voters in Fulton County want president Trump to focus on, including 2nd amendment rights and border security.

"He says he's going to do the wall. Well, build the wall. Start protecting our own borders, not worrying about going and protecting foreign borders," asserted Clarence Chamberlain.

Those at Brittany's Diner in Ephratah say with an unemployment rate above five percent and topping 12 percent during President Obama's term, voters here just want jobs.

"Simple economics: people are going to have money to spend with the new jobs he's creating and that should, overall, boost the economy," noted Kevin Edwards of Ephratah.

"I think a lot of our jobs have gone overseas for cheaper prices and cheaper money so I'd like to see more jobs too," suggested Flinte Duesler of Ephratah.

Business owners in Ephratah say they want taxes lowered as well.

"Being in business, paying all these taxes, it's very hard to stay in business, especially when you're a small business. In the country like this, especially," pointed out Brittany Edwards.

Just because the president got three-quarters of the vote here, that doesn't mean opinions about him are universal.

"We wanted a real people's person and that what Mr. Trump's going to be," assured Chamberlain.

"He says he's going to drain the swamp, but he's got all these Goldman Sachs guys coming in there and all this jazz," chided Brandon Edwards.

For some, it doesn't matter who is in the Oval Office. They just hope the president can give them their shot at the American Dream.

"We're barely keeping the lights on here and you know we're getting taxed to death and we just want a fair shot at prosperity," hoped Edwards.


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