Rep. Tonko blasts Republican health care proposal

March 19, 2017 06:33 PM

ALBANY – Rep. Paul Tonko is no fan of the Republican health care plan.

“Trump Care is a health care disaster,” Tonko said.

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It was the same words President Donald Trump used to describe the Affordable Care Act, the initiative of former President Barack Obama. Trump called it a disaster with rising premiums that needs to be repealed.

But Tonko says the replacement, the American Health Care Act, or Trump Care as he calls it, is not the answer the American people are looking for.

“It gives handouts to millionaires and billionaires,” Tonko said. “[It] shifts the cost burden to middle class and working families.”

Tonko says millions of people will also lose their coverage under the plan -- and those who have it would face higher deductibles, higher co-pays and higher premiums. He says it's thoughtless and Republicans are trying to ram it through Congress.

“They've come forth with a plan that might have been sketched onto the back of a napkin,” Tonko said.

Tonko says the plan will also hurt seniors. A Congressional Budget Office analysis found that older people would likely pay higher premiums under the proposal.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told Fox News that it's one of several possible revisions of the bill to help round-up enough votes in the House. The bill goes to the House floor on Thursday.

Trump said his plan is great and people will be covered well. He thinks it's going to be a model to be looked upon.

“The Trump Care bill says 'no' to ‘it will be more affordable,” Tonko said. “The Trump Care bill says 'no' to ‘it will be better.’”

Tonko is not sure about the vote count. But the president believes the bill will pass by a substantial margin.


WNYT Staff

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