Sen. Schumer expresses concerns over Trump's proposed budget cuts

March 16, 2017 06:59 PM

CLIFTON PARK - Senator Chuck Schumer was in the Capital Region on Thursday.

NewsChannel 13 asked him about the potential impact of President Trump’s proposed budget cuts in the Capital Region.

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Senator Schumer used a home in Clifton Park as a backdrop to outline what homeowners could face under the Trump administration when it comes to tax deductions. However, he says the president's proposed budget cuts could do even more harm to middle-class families.

You go down the list and there are lots of bad things President Trump's federal budget proposal, according to Senator Schumer.

"This budget I think is out of whack. Is there waste in the federal government? Absolutely. Are there places that we can cut? Sure," explained Schumer.

Instead, Schumer says Trump's proposal with deep budget cuts would put a dagger right in the heart of the middle class and it will have a major impact here in the Capital Region.

"It kills the middle class. It cuts education funding. It cuts transportation and infrastructure funding. It cuts money for scientific research," pointed out Schumer.

Money would also disappear for many entities that count on federal funding like public broadcasting and the arts. Critics say one of the biggest losers may be the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency would be cut by 31 percent, putting regional clean water programs on the chopping block.

"There are many small communities here in the Capital Region that need new water and sewer. There are grants that come out of EPA that help fund it. What are they going to do," he wondered.

Schumer says funding that supplements heating bills of Capital Region seniors is also in jeopardy, all in favor of increased spending for the military, $54 billion worth. Schumer says he's not against military spending particularly for the soldiers. Thankfully, he says both parties don't like this budget.

"The bad news is the budget the president proposed. The good news is both Democrats and Republicans say they're not going to pass it and I'm one of those," he assured.

Senator Schumer says this budget seems to be against everything the president campaigned on. He's increasing defense while taking away from the middle class. Again he says even if Congress is controlled by Republicans, many of them appear to be against this budget.

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