Strangers rush to help after wrong-way crash on 787 |

Strangers rush to help after wrong-way crash on 787

Kumi Tucker
Updated: February 24, 2020 08:15 PM
Created: February 24, 2020 05:54 PM

TROY - Kyle Hayner of Troy said it was a surreal scene - strangers all stopped on a busy highway and getting out of their cars to help. 

It didn't take long before a crowd formed around the damaged vehicles after a two-car crash on 787 Saturday. 

The highway, which is usually busy, was quiet for a while. 

"It was anybody," said Hayner. "It didn't matter who you were, what you were, where you came from, everybody was just there for the main cause, just like I wrote on Facebook. That was the best thing to see."

Kyle Hayner of Troy shared some of his photos.

These strangers were united in their desire to do whatever they could in an emergency. The course of their Saturdays altered because of a wrong-way crash.   

Some obviously had medical expertise.

Hayner says one man was one of the first to jump out of his truck. 

"He was in the middle of 787 and literally just directing traffic with his hands, and they were following this guy," said Hayner. "Literally inches behind where the Jeep was. He had everything blocked off, you know."

State police say the Jeep was driving the wrong way on the interstate when it crashed head-on into an Audi between exits 6 and 7.
Witnesses said they saw a lot of needles in the Jeep. They worked together to get the door open and the driver out. Her leg was stuck. 

Others were focused on the other vehicle a fair distance away. 

"It doesn't matter, you're all walks of life, it doesn't matter the color of your skin, whatever it was," said Hayner. "You're working hand in hand with that person next to you for the better of whatever is going on in that situation, and that's why I stepped back and took some pictures."

Hayner says this group emergency response is the kindness we need in this world today. 

State police say no arrests have been made so far as their investigation continues. 

They say the driver of the Jeep is still hospitalized and the other driver was treated and released.

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