Cuomo: Covid numbers heading in the wrong direction

Dan Levy
Created: November 23, 2020 12:51 AM

NEW YORK - With the statewide Covid infection fate currently sitting at 2.74%, you might think things don't look so bad, but it's the future that Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to be worried about.

"I would not be shocked if they said on January 10th, January 15th we're up at 7, 8, 9, or 10%," the Governor cautioned, "That could very easily happen."

If the rate goes up, the governor points out there will be more restrictions that slow the economy, and there will be hospitals that become overburdened, and there might not be enough doctors, nurses, or medical supplies to handle the influx of Covid patients.

"If numbers go up, people die," Mr. Cuomo asserted, "Unless you are extraordinarily casual about human life, it matters."

According to the Governor, Staten Island has a serious problem, possibly heading toward Red Zone designation this week. Parts of Nassau and Suffolk counties are also not looking so good. And there is concern Upstate as well.

"Part of the city of Syracuse will go into an Orange Zone at this rate," Cuomo suggested, "Parts of the city of Rochester will go into an Orange Zone."

the Governor reiterates people do have the ability to reverse the trajectory in their own communities simply by acting responsibly. He also says people shouldn't put more lives at risk by waiting for a vaccine.

"The vaccine is starting to come in December or January," the Governor offers, "It will be for high need populations, nursing homes, etc. I will wager you dollars to donuts it's six months at a minimum before you hit critical mass with the vaccine."

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