Illuminarium's virtual safari debuts in Atlanta |

Illuminarium's virtual safari debuts in Atlanta

Created: July 21, 2021 03:31 PM

It's dark, quiet and you only hear the footsteps and low murmurs of your safari companions. Suddenly, with little notice, there's a pride of lions behind you.

Fortunately this is the Illuminarium, a massive 30,000 square-foot 360-degree projection room where real moving images from the African plains are projected life-size onto towering walls.

It's a unique new attraction that has debuted in Atlanta and is looking to expand to other locations.

The combination of large projections of wild, natural surroundings delivered by high-tech means is drawing big crowds already.

"So, the amazing thing about the Illuminarium is the technology and how we use it. So when you walk in our safari you see it with your own eyes just like you'd see it if you were there. You hear it in extraordinary ways through this beam forming audio that we have. You feel it in your bones through the haptic system in our floor. You smell it in the air through our sense systems," said Alan Greenberg, CEO of Illuminarium Experiences.

A safari guide of sorts gets visitors acquainted in the first room, as scenes from Africa are displayed on the high walls.

The next much larger room has groups of lions, elephants and flamingos roaming around as visitors gaze upward at seemingly life-sized giraffes walking past. As they trod around the room, they leave simulated animal footprints on the ground, all made possible by the advanced projection system in then ceiling.

"What we do at Illuminarium is we democratize extraordinary experiences. We want to do things people dream about," Greenberg said.

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