New high-tech art floats at London’s Tate Modern |

New high-tech art floats at London’s Tate Modern

Created: October 11, 2021 08:30 PM

London's Tate Modern has unveiled a major new commission which combines cutting-edge technology with art.

The installation by South Korean artist Anicka Yi uses an autonomous, intelligent system to create a floating ecosystem above the heads of gallery visitors.

It's called 'In Love with the World' and is this year's Hyundai Commission.

The machines are known as 'aerobes' and use small rotors to propel through the space, powered by battery packs.

The artist likes to explore how biology and technology can merge.

She wants viewers to question how machines could evolve to become independent forms of life.

The machines react to various stimuli in the hall, making their behaviour almost impossible to predict.

The aerobes give off scents - spices, marine smells, coal - connecting them with the history of the venue.

They also emit gentle noises.

'In Love with the World' runs until 22 January 2022.

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