Products made at GlobalFoundries in Malta power tech used to fight pandemic |

Products made at GlobalFoundries in Malta power tech used to fight pandemic

GlobalFoundries playing role in pandemic response GlobalFoundries playing role in pandemic response |

Mark Mulholland
Updated: March 27, 2020 07:17 PM
Created: March 27, 2020 04:52 PM

MALTA - GlobalFoundries' Fab 8 plant in Malta is deemed an essential business and when you hear about the applications of their microprocessors, it's clear why.

Their chips power handheld ultrasound devices that allow doctors to view a patient's lungs right from the bedside.

GlobalFoundries semiconductors are the brains inside the IBM supercomputers that are identifying drugs to stop coronavirus.

"That next evolution of technology, that is a lot of what we are producing right here in Malta," said Laurie Kelly, the company's vice president of global communications.

And they're doing it with only 25-percent of their on-site staff. A workforce of 3,000 is now trimmed to 750 in person, and those coming to work are social distancing, even in the cleanroom where employees are covered in protective gear.

"When their shift finishes, they actually have to move and do a handover to other employees so we have implemented very strict measures around that as well, where they're now in two different teams and in the gowning rooms they are separate."

Kelly says business is up and the company is meeting demand.

"Things like more requirements for mobile phones, more laptops, more iPads, things like that that we are actually getting an uptake in orders from our clients to deliver more chips for those devices."

Part of it, Kelly says, is because demand for remote computing has never been higher.

"If you think about the millions of people now that are working from home or students that have shifted to online learning, we are providing those chips that enable those laptops."

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