Robot offers quick, cheap automated manicures |

Robot offers quick, cheap automated manicures

Updated: June 22, 2021 02:14 PM
Created: June 22, 2021 02:03 PM

Robots can already cook, clean, drive cars and provide security.

But can they help make you look pretty?

A San Francisco tech startup called Clockwork has started offering robot manicures, a simple way to provide foolproof nail polish in a flash.

Clients place their hands in what looks like a big box and sensors can tell where their skin ends and nails begin.

The robot then uses small cartridges of polish, available in a variety of colors, to paint the nails, sort of like how a 3D printer works.

The procedure takes about ten minutes and costs less than ten dollars.

Currently, Clockwork is doing a slow rollout of the technology out of its San Francisco pop-up storefront but hopes to expand into retail stores, office and residential buildings and airports.

The company doesn't offer full salon-type manicures with shaping and buffing, but the technology could still eventually disrupt the multi-billion-dollar nail care market.

Some worry robots could someday put nail salons out of business...but one San Francisco nail artist says she doesn't feel threatened because she says a robot can't do what she does.

"We not only work on your nail health, we do really detailed cutical work and make everything look really clean, " said Estasha Goodwin, owner of Heart & Sol Nails. "Things that will motivate you and make you feel beautiful, that's something a robot just can't provide."

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