Switzerland chef creating shimmering rainbow chocolate with no additives

A piece of shimmering, rainbow chocolate. A piece of shimmering, rainbow chocolate. | Photo: NBC News / EBU / ChocoFoil.

NBC News / EBU
Updated: December 21, 2020 05:24 PM
Created: December 21, 2020 02:05 PM

ZURICH, Switzerland - A chef in Zurich has teamed up with a private research and development center to develop a method for making chocolate that shimmers like a rainbow without the use of additives.

Their method, which uses a food-grade nanostructured film, has just been launched on the market by local startup ChocoFoil.

Based on a technique developed at the center, they came up with the idea of stamping futuristic, colorful designs on chocolate simply by changing its surface structure without using colorants.

Their method involves using a thin film of recyclable plastic that contains engraved nanometric patterns.

The film is applied to slightly melted chocolate, causing the pattern to be imprinted on its surface.

The film is removed once the chocolate hardens.

What's left behind is an iridescent effect that diffracts light and changes color as you move the chocolate around.

No special additives, chemical compounds, or coatings are needed.

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