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Top Teacher: Susan Peter - LaSalle School

Sam Hesler
Updated: February 16, 2022 02:19 PM
Created: February 12, 2022 11:20 AM

ALBANY - For David, school hasn't always been easy. 

"Throughout my life, I have struggled with school a lot," he explained. 

However, when he started at the LaSalle School in Albany, everything started to change, thanks in large part to his science teacher, Susan Peter. 

"Every time I have a problem with a question, Ms. Peter is always right there. She is there to help me, and she really helps me break things down and get it done," he said. "If you are having a bad day, not feeling like doing work, she's there for emotional support."

The LaSalle School serves students who haven't always thrived in a traditional school environment, and Ms. Peter uses hands-on labs, escape room reviews, and even animals to get the students engaged. 

"A lot of these kids struggle with reading and understanding the words on a page, and science vocabulary words are hard. They are big words. So, make it fun, make it interesting, they can recall those words easier than seeing them over and over again on a piece of paper," Peter said. 

While Ms. Peter has been with LaSalle for more than a decade, she considers herself a lifelong student. 

"I want to be ready for whatever comes through the door, help whoever comes into my room, so I am going to keep learning, keep pushing, and keep challenging myself because that is what I expect of my kids," she explained. 

Ms. Peter has taken it upon herself to work on getting certified for special education, and she's produced content for teachers across the country to use to help address students with unique needs. 

Her students say her hard work and dedication is truly an inspiration. 

"Well, Ms. Peter, I am pretty proud of her, how she was able to get where she is today, and I hope she continues to do that for other kids in the future," said Zander, a LaSalle student.

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