16-year-old boy killed in Troy shooting

The teenage victim of a shooting in Troy has died. Police say they’re now investigating the case as a homicide.

The shooting happened Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. on 5th Avenue near 105th Street. Investigators say a 16-year-old boy was shot and later died at the hospital.

Patrol officers, evidence technicians, and detectives were on the scene quickly.

News of the shooting spread quickly on social media.

Rumors, theories, and unconfirmed details of the killing are also circulating on social media. Since police have not officially identified the shooting victim, neither will NewsChannel 13.

There is collateral damage on 5th Avenue, and as it turns out, anyone who was in the vicinity could easily have become another victim.

At the house directly across the street, a stray bullet pierced the front porch and lodged in the wood between the doorbell and the mailbox, which prevented it from entering the living quarters, where the homeowner was taking a nap inside.

There was also damage to a vehicle at a nearby used car dealership.

Assistant Police Chief Steven Barker tells NewsChannel 13’s Dan Levy his detectives are actively investigating multiple leads.

Part of every investigation like this includes trying to find surveillance security cameras that were operational at the time of the shooting.

In addition, police are also asking for help from the community.

If you were in the area, or if you know something about the crime, get in touch with Troy detectives at (518) 270-4421.

This is the second teenager shot and killed in the Collar City.

Anthony Christopher, 16, was shot and killed inside a home on River Street, January 5.

Another teen was also shot in this incident, but survived.

So far, no one has been charged in Christopher’s killing.