Advocates rally at state Capitol to call for repeal of bail reform

ALBANY – State lawmakers and crime victim advocates are demanding safety and security in New York state.

A rally was held Tuesday at the Capitol to call for revisions to the state’s bail reform measures, to keep repeat offenders from committing acts of violence in our communities.

This year’s budget already includes changes to add more circumstances in which bail would be considered.
Lawmakers also agreed to make technical changes to discovery procedures.

Many of the advocates say they want to see bail reform repealed all together. Some believe the current bail laws are not working.

The rally included people from BLEXIT, Blue Lives Matter and the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York.

The speakers say people do not feel safe in the state of New York and New York City.

One of the organizers of the event, Sammy Ravelo, walked all the way from Bronx to Albany. He is a former police lieutenant.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. Our communities are desperate right now. The wave of violence plaguing our cities and the state and as a whole is alarming," said Ravelo. "We are here to say enough is enough!"

Democratic Assemblyman John McDonald says lawmakers have made provisions to give judges greater discretion in making bail determinations. He does not believe bail reform has caused a spike in crime.

"The rise in crime is throughout this country. It’s not just in New York state, but we recognize that the public is concerned and that’s not being ignored. That’s being taken very seriously," said McDonald.