Albany police investigate rise in BB gun crimes

Albany police say they’re investigating reports of people getting hurt by BB or pellet guns.

Police say people are getting shot by pellets in the area around an apartment building from 260 to 270 North Pearl Street.

They say it started back in mid-August when a food delivery driver reported being shot and Albany police figured out they’d been hit with a BB or pellet gun. Then, a person walking by was hit in the leg.

Since August, police tell NewsChannel 13 neighbors have reported damage to cars, the nearby bus stop and even a bus. All seems to be from a pellet or BB gun.

Earlier this week, police say someone working at the construction site was shot in the hand, and workers at the site say the victim is getting a procedure done after being hit.

Now police are looking to figure out who is shooting at people and cars, asking the community to come forward with information before someone is seriously hurt.

"It can certainly penetrate your skin. Thankfully, these people sustained very minor injuries. One was shot in the hip, one was shot in the leg and the other was shot in the hand, but as you can imagine, if you were shot in the face or in the eye, you could sustain some serious injuries that could alter your life forever," said Albany Police Spokesperson Steve Smith.

Police tell anyone in the area to be careful of their surroundings and report anything you may see.