Albany sisters’ business focuses on ‘slow fashion’ with trendless designs

Have you ever heard of "slow fashion?"

According to Forbes, 90% of our clothing is thrown away before it needs to be. So slow fashion focuses on producing clothes with trendless designs and premium, long-lasting quality. The goal is to combat large-scale environmental and social side effects the "fast fashion" industry has created by producing disposable clothing.

A sister duo here in the Capital Region is bringing slow fashion to town.

Twins Allyson and Whitney Smith are keeping it in the family with the recent grand opening of their new retail store in Albany.

Rom Shop located on Madison Avenue offers "slow fashion" for all gender expressions, as well as lifestyle goods, including candles, ceramics and apothecary items.

The sisters say their shop serves as a place for customers to learn about where their clothing is made, how it’s made and who it’s made by.

You can visit Rom Shop Wednesday through Sunday.