Bail bondsman hopes to recoup $100,000

ALBANY – While a convicted felon remained on the lam Wednesday night, the area bail bondsman who posted $100,000 for him to remain out of jail during his trial was eager to recoup his investment.

Michael Green, 36, aka Michael Edwards, fled from the Albany County Courthouse last Friday (6/10) just prior to a jury’s guilty verdict against him. He hasn’t been seen since.

Jay Bernardo, whose family has been in the bail business for six decades, says up until now Green has been an "honorable and reputable" person when it comes to showing up for court proceedings, calling his absconding "out of line" for him.

In April 2020, Green was arrested after firing several shots into an occupied house on Old Loudon Road in Colonie. Last Friday, he was convicted of Attempted Murder.

"Whether you’re releasing somebody after a plea, or whether you’re about to get a verdict, that’s the time to keep an eye on the defendant," Bernardo asserted. "I would love to talk to the sheriff’s department and the court securities and see if there’s something legally that we can do to keep defendants around when the verdict is about to come in."

Since the crime was committed in their jurisdiction, Colonie Police is the lead agency in the search for Green. Every law enforcement agency in Albany County and many more beyond are involved in the manhunt.

"Upon that bail being forfeited, that’s a major hardship for everybody involved," Bernardo stated. "My state of mind is that I want the courts to know that we’re working very hard on getting him back into custody."