BBB warns of complaints about website to buy Van Gogh exhibit tickets

There is some confusion over the upcoming "Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience" art exhibit.

If you have tickets for the show in Schenectady or plan on buying them, there is a warning you should know about.

The Better Business Bureau has waved some red flags about Fever, the company selling the tickets.

On BBB’s website, they mention issues with Fever’s customer service, long delays for refunds or a venue being canceled or rescheduled – sometimes at the last minute.

Todd Garofano, the Executive Director of Discover Schenectady, who helped organize and bring this event to the area, said they are aware of these issues.

They talked to Fever about their concerns and have full confidence in the company.

There are actually several, very similar Van Gogh exhibits across the country.

Discover Schenectady said they believe most of the problems were because of two Van Gogh exhibits happening at the same time in one city.

People will buy tickets to one Van Gogh experience, thinking they bought tickets to the other one.

"Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience" is the only one coming to our area.

"Be confident that when you buy your tickets for this experience, it’s going to be for this experience. There is not going to be confusion over, ‘Did I get tickets to the right show?’ You did," Garofano said.

Garofano said if you do have a problem with tickets, contact discover Schenectady. They are happy to help.

The art exhibit will open on May 25 at Armory Studios in Schenectady.

Fever is the only company you can buy tickets from for this event.

NewsChannel 13 reached out to Fever.

They said customer satisfaction is their top priority. They also explained, "In 2021 alone, our experiences sold over 2 million tickets in the USA, showing that this number of reviews does not fairly represent the experience of millions of people who use Fever every day in their cities."