Berkshire County teen already making name for himself in weather reporting

The pandemic has allowed for a lot of people to pursue their passion.

One Berkshire County teen took that time to pursue his passion for weather, and is already making his presence known.

Jacob Klein has a unique reason for his interest in weather.

"My parents were away and it was me and my grandparents and my younger sister, and there was this thunderstorm," recalled Klein.

He remembers lightning hitting the tree, the top of the tree exploding and the rest of it catching on fire.

"After that storm, I mean, I started realizing how dangerous it is, but how exciting the weather can be."

That curiosity sparked a passion for the weather for this 14-year-old boy, who just this past summer started his own website

Jacob updates the website daily with his local forecast and observations from a small weather station in his backyard – a gift from one of the company officers of Ambient Weather after hearing about his passion.

Jacob wants to attend UAlbany and intern at the National Weather Service. He hopes to be the National Weather Service director one day.

He is already getting a taste of the business by doing daily weather updates for Pittsfield’s WTBR Radio, which he does from his iPad.

Hear about how that’s even got the attention of Jacob’s local police chief by watching the video of Reid Kisselback’s story.