Capital Region billboards highlight opposition to vaccine mandates

There is a growing movement for those opposed to vaccine mandates.

They have put up billboards in the Capital Region that read: "My child, my choice. STOP VACCINE MANDATES." They also have a website,

Money to put the billboards up comes from people across the country.

"It seems foolish to say that a vaccine is safe, when the people have to be forced to take it," said Erich Kress, who does farmwork in Columbia County, and drives a truck with one of the giant billboards. "I have no objection how prevalent it becomes, as long as people are taking it on their own free will."

"I’m not opposed to those who want to get it. I think it should be available to those who want to get it. I am opposed to that word, ‘mandate’," said Brooke Jordan, a mother of three. "I should be able to make an informed choice, an informed decision to say this is not in their best interest."

"All of us want the same thing. Most of all, we want our children to be happy and healthy, but we don’t agree on how to get there," said Kress.

Top health experts have repeatedly said the vaccine is safe and effective, and they have encouraged everyone eligible to get it.