Capital Region colleges hope vaccines lead to ‘normal’ semester

In one month, SUNY schools across the state will begin the fall semester. Private colleges in the Capital Region will follow suit shortly after.

There is plenty of excitement and anticipation as they plan to return to pre-pandemic normalcy.

No masks. No distancing. No virtual instruction. However, it all hinges on whether students and staff complete their first assignment, getting vaccinated.

Lisa Witkowski is just one Siena College staffer who cannot wait for students to return and experience campus life the way it was intended.

She says when classes resume September 7, there will be no lingering signs of the year that was. She hopes it can last. That will be up to students and staff.

"Everyone will need to upload a copy of their vaccination card online to prove they have been vaccinated. We cannot legally formally mandate that until the vaccine is approved for regular use by the FDA," said Witkowski

That approval is still likely several weeks away.

Hear about a new course Siena freshman are required to take to ease back into pre-pandemic life, and also plans for the fall semester at UAlbany by watching the video of Jerry Gretzinger’s story.