Capital Region math lovers celebrate ‘Pi Day’

"National Pi Day" celebrates the mathematical constant that begins with 3.14, but it’s not just a day for brainiacs to enjoy.

For Clifton Park educator Audrey Waterfield , National Pi Day provides a teaching opportunity.

"When you do the math of the division of the circumference by the diameter, you end up with 3.14," she explained.

She loves to break down the topics into ways that kids can understand.

"You can use string cut to a specific diameter of normal containers of anything, and you can measure around their circumference and then measure the diameter. You can have those strings placed against a ruler and be able to actually prove that that division problem always comes out to be 3.14," she explained.

She also uses wrapping paper, draws Spirographs and blows bubbles – all to prove the theory of Pi.

However, she says perhaps the best way to celebrate National Pi Day is with a slice of apple or blueberry pie!