Capital Region restaurants grapple with big staffing, supply issues

Restaurants that made it through the pandemic are now grappling with staffing shortages and supply issues.

It’s happening more and more these days. Many restaurants are changing their hours, or switching to takeout and delivery only on certain days. Some have had to shut down altogether.

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Tala in Latham posted on Facebook that they’ve seen a lot in 10 years, but this takes the cake. Because of staffing, they had to go to takeout only the next day, they posted they’re closed until further notice.

Westfall Station Cafe in Averill Park posted Thursday that they had to close, citing product and labor supply and demand.
Jimmy’s Pizzeria in Lansingburgh is busy with takeout and deliveries, which make up most of their business.

The owner says he’s had staffing issues here and there, but he sees it most with his suppliers.

"They had to cut down on delivery days because they don’t have people there to drive the trucks or load their trucks or whatever may be. I have three or four different distributors where I get my food from, and it’s tough. Sometimes, I can’t get food from them, and they can’t get the food from where they get it from," said Tony Buchanan with Jimmy’s Pizzeria.

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Big Bellies in Lansingburgh at 114th Street and 5th Avenue has been around for two and a half years, serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"The delivery schedules for some of the places that I get my stuff from, they’re pretty good and on time. I also do my own and try to go out and get what I can get, but I think it’s more of a product not being available," said Mark Morine, with Big Bellies.

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