Capital Region volunteers head to Ida’s damage to help affected communities

Volunteers with the American Red Cross are heading south to help people impacted by Hurricane Ida. A couple from Clifton Park is among them.

They are traveling to Louisiana to help deliver supplies to affected communities.

Volunteers are driving for three days to get to the disaster area, bringing emergency response vehicles to people who need them most.

Forty-five of the vehicles have left the east coast, headed down to help those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

The Red Cross overall says it’s sent hundreds of people down to help evacuees in shelters from Texas to Florida.

Steve Bosso is also heading down with the Clifton Park couple. He is a team lead who says he’s headed to Mississippi.

It’ll be his job to make sure the emergency response vehicles have all the equipment they need.

"I love working with the volunteers. I meet a lot of interesting people, fascinating people, I learn so much from them," said Bosso.

He adds he’s been helping for years and plans to be down there for a couple of weeks.

The Red Cross says it’s sent truckloads of cots, blankets, and comfort kits, along with 68,000 meals.