Car break-ins under investigation in Queensbury

QUEENSBURY – Robbers let themselves into more than a dozen cars and trucks in Queensbury late Sunday night or early Monday morning. Police say most of the cars were unlocked.

The robbers stole wallets, credit cards, some cash and even a hunting rifle. In most cases, they only had to open the unlocked door.

The Queensbury neighborhoods that were hit are quiet. They have single family homes where crime is rare, and streets with names like Sweetbriar, Applehouse, and Sugarcane.

However, late Sunday night or early Monday morning, someone rummaged through cars in a half-dozen neighborhoods on the west side of town. They stole wallets and cash. They took a hunting rifle from a truck on Sawn Road.

Warren County Sheriff Jim LaFarr says the thefts are crimes of opportunity, and leaving cars unlocked gives them the opportunity.

"It’s people who are looking for something that they can liquidate very quickly, sell off for a profit or money. They want to get in, they don’t want your credit card, they want cash that’s inside, change that’s in your cup holder, or something of value that they can take to a pawn shop and sell," said Warren County Sheriff Jim LaFarr.

Hear from a resident who says the robbers got into her car by watching the video of Mark Mulholland’s story.

Meanwhile, police want to remind people in the area to take precautions:

  • Remember to lock your vehicles, even in your own driveway.
  • Close all windows and your sunroof, if you have one.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
  • Do not leave your keys in your vehicle.
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked.