Clifton Park woman creates organic haircare line

Mateka Turner has spent most of her life in the healthcare profession, but her passion has been in haircare.

As a nurse, she helped people feel better in a different way. However, once the pandemic hit, she began rethinking her future and a move to design a haircare line was on her mind, namely because she was having a haircare problem of her own.

"I had dry hair, itchy hair, itchy scalp," said Turner. "I had permed hair, and my hair would break, it would fall out," she said.

"I just can’t get my hair to do what I need it to do. So one day, I just cut it all off."

She wasn’t alone. Other women were having hair issues too.

So she began researching and mixing organic oils like argan and grapeseed.

Friends started using the products and loved it.

The Clifton Park woman decided to launch her company, Hashea. She’s sold the line at pop-up shops, and it’s also sold online, but

Mateka relishes the opportunity to talk to women about taking care of their crown.

Hear one of Turner’s friends talk about how the product has helped her hair by watching the video of Elaine Houston’s story.