Connecticut girls breaking barriers on baseball diamond

Two high school girls in Connecticut are batting balls and breaking barriers.

Lillian Martineau and Lily Woodworth are two high school sophomores. Martineau is at Lewis Mills and Woodward is at Glastonbury. Both planted their roots in the game at the same time as all their teammates.

Come middle school, no one asked their teammates if they were going to switch to softball.

Woodworth had an easy transition but Martineau faced some pushback.

Martineau’s parents had no problem if they had to make a big deal. A visit to the administration, some lawyers and finally, their seventh-grader could play school baseball.

Now, four years in, Martineau and Woodworth have heard it all – you know, the ‘Why is she here’ or ‘Don’t get beat by a girl.’ That’s tuned out.

What they do hear is the cheers from the other women in baseball and the men who support them.

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