COVID cases now trending down in every part of NY state

There were 26,772 new COVID cases recorded in New York state on Sunday, continuing its downward trend, and down from a peak of 90,132 daily cases earlier this month. That’s a daily positivity rate of 13.12%.

The 7-day average is down in every part of the state, with the Capital Region now at 17.10%, and the Mohawk Valley at 16.71%.

However, there was a slight net bump of 38 hospitalizations, for a total of 11,751. The state is also reporting 152 new deaths.

Albany County may be following the state downward trend with the number of new coronavirus cases.

In the past two days, new cases dropped significantly. There were 498 new cases recorded on Sunday.

You may recall, there were over 1,500 daily cases last week in Albany County.

There are 15 new hospitalizations, with 116 people hospitalized with COVID in Albany County.

Three more people died. The victims are men in their 50s, 70s and 80s.

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