Delmar business owner helping people find work-life balance

A local business owner wants you to become clear, productive and influential.

Melissa Hurt, owner of Integrative Studio in Delmar, works with groups and individuals to help create focus and work-life balance. These days, she’s helping people overcome "Zoom fatigue."

In April 2021, Stanford researchers found that women were more susceptible to "Zoom fatigue" — 1 in 7 compared to 1 out of 20 men.

One of the primary drivers behind this weariness seems to be what researchers are calling "mirror anxiety", or the mental strain of having to constantly look at yourself, across what might be hours of meetings per day.

Hurt teaches clients how to communicate effectively in person and online.

Hurt offers classes in life coaching, voice and speech work, and mindful movement or yoga practice.

She is available for individual and group sessions, as well as online classes.

She has a 10-week course: "The Abundant Leader Academy" starting this week, helping professionals who may be trying to do too much.

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