Family demands justice after man having mental health crisis shot by police

Miguel Estrella’s mother, Marisol Estrella, stood front and center at the #JusticeforMiggy march.

Hundreds gathered to march and show their support.

Marisol spoke to the crowd, and explained how her son needed help, but unfortunately didn’t get it.

On March 25, the 22-year-old was shot and killed by a Pittsfield police officer.

Daneya Falwell, Miguel’s girlfriend told NewsChannel 13 he was drunk and in crisis, hurting himself with a knife. They called for help and police and an ambulance came. Estrella refused help. Police took the knife and left. Minutes later, he started wielding a knife and hurting himself. Falwell said they expected EMTs again, but police arrived first.

Police said he "advanced" toward them with the knife, they shot him with a Taser, but it didn’t stop him, and an officer shot Estrella twice. He later died.

Miguel’s mother said the people who are called to serve and protect, failed them. As she led the crowd in a chant, "Justice for Miguel," she said she’ll no longer be silent, and she hopes no other mother has to feel her pain.