Farmers may be eligible for crop reimbursement after recent floods

It’s no secret that all of the recent rain hasn’t been good for farmers.

Nearly two-dozen farmers across Rensselaer County listened to Representatives from the USDA on Thursday. They informed farmers about the Emergency Watershed Protection Program and the Emergency Conservation Program.

USDA officials told farmers to document their damage. If farmers are able to show proof of significant damage, they may be eligible to be reimbursed.

"They are aware of the situation, which is right now, currently, there are no programs that are immediately available to us in our situation, but they talked about ad hoc programs that potentially would come along in the future that might allow us to qualify for some assistance," said Paul Peter, a farmer from Schodack.

Hear more about how the flooding rains have affected his family’s crops by watching the video of Jonathan Hunter’s story.