First responders help rush Indiana woman to hospital for transplant

BARGERSVILLE, Ind. – An Indiana woman got the chance to meet the first responders who made it possible for her to get a life-saving kidney transplant.

It was a race against time for Sara O’Daniels after she was contacted that a kidney was available and she had to get to the hospital in one hour.

Sara, in need of a double organ transplant, learned a kidney and liver were ready. However, she had to get from Brown County, to the hospital in Indianapolis in an hour. The only problem – she lives an hour and 20 minutes from the hospital. A regular drive doesn’t make it.

So they called 911 for an emergency escort.

With most crews working the weather, it took a key dispatcher in Brown County, transferring to another in Johnson County to connect them with help in Bargersville.

It was a true team effort that worked! Sara made it just in time and got a second chance at life.

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